Improve Water Quality

Sabrina supports beachwater contamination studies and cleanup at both Pillar Point Harbor and Oyster Point Marina.

San Mateo County 2010 Beachwater Contamination Results are the second worst in the state.  San Mateo County is second only to Los Angeles County regarding the number of beach closing/advisory days.
2009 Top 10 most Polluted Beaches in San Mateo County: 
1.    Aquatic Park (117 days)
2.    Pillar Point (100 days)
3.    Lakeshore Park (98 days)
4.    Fitzgerald Marine Reserve (59 days)
5.    Oyster Point Marina (53 days)
6.    Pacifica State Beach (39 days)
7.    Venice State Beach (28 days)
8.    Dunes State Beach (23 days
9.    Kiteboard Beach (15 days)
10.  Francis State Beach &
      Gazos Creek Access (both 13 days)
What I would like to do:
  • Research water circulation patterns within Pillar Point Harbor and support solutions to improve water quality. 
  • Improve trash disposal areas overall at both Pillar Point Harbor and Oyster Point Marina.
  • Improve pet waste disposal areas and signage.
  • Publish an online newsletter that provides water quality updates and educational information.
  • Engage residents (live-aboards), commercial, and recreational users as well as visitors about the hazards of dumping septic waste, plastic bags, cans, garbage, oil, and fuel.