Candidates for Harbor District float new ideas

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September 20, 2010

Brennan credits her love of her Moss Beach area home with growing up on the Gulf of Mexico. After moving from San Francisco, she became involved with county issues like the Charter Review Committee and joined the Midcoast Community Council because the unincorporated area had no cities. She planned to run for the commission in two years, but after learning of one open seat, pulled together the paperwork in a day. That enthusiasm and energy is what she’ll bring to the position, she said.

Brennan thinks she’s been automatically labeled as no-growth but said it’s a wrong assumption. An example is Pillar Point — she’s not against a new administrative building but first wants to see a wider plan that possibly renovates the entire area and provides cohesion rather than a Frankenstein-like approach to facilities. Visitors gravitate to newer buildings while harbor business is overlooked because it hasn’t kept up with the views and services tourists expect, she said.

She is also quite in favor of a restaurant at Oyster Point to serve the commuters and other businesses like Genentech.

Plans for both may be conceptual but Brennan said  it’s time to step it up because “the terminal is coming soon.”

She wants to pull good planning ideas from San Francisco and embrace suggestions for transit and planning.

Aside from new opportunities, Brennan also wants to revisit those already existing like fishing and see how to keep it afloat.

“This area has changed and the fishing industry has changed and something has to be done to keep it viable,” she said.

While Brennan is certain she’s the best fit for the commission, she believes all the candidates have the district’s best interests at heart.

“Whoever wins will be a good thing,” she said.