Vote Sabrina for Harbor Commissioner in 2012

It's time the voice of the people influenced Harbor Commission decisions.

The bottom line is, the community the District serves is unhappy with the choices the Harbor Commission is making on issues affecting their lives. 

Community concerns include:
  • PUBLIC SAFETY—Cutbacks on Search and Rescue staff and operations 
  • BEACHWATER POLLUTION—In San Mateo County, Pillar Point Harbor is ranked number one in beach closure days and Oyster Point Marina is ranked number two.
  • MISMANAGEMENT OF PUBLIC FUNDS—Plans to build new administrative building for upper management 
  • DILAPIDATED FACILITIES—Delayed maintenance at Johnson Pier 
Sabrina Brennan is running for Harbor Commissioner in 2012 because she wants to insure that decisions about public resources are made with the community's best interests at heart. It's time to restore the people's voice in local government.