Boaters fish for harbor wifi

Wi the Fi not?

Mark Noack of the Half Moon Bay Review reported the following:

For many Pillar Point fishermen, the smartphone and laptop are becoming as indispensable for the job as the traditional hook and bait...The communication needs of local fishermen have become a top issue for the San Mateo County Harbor District as it considers installing wireless Internet around the docks. Commissioner Sabrina Brennan is pressing the idea. She says commercial fishermen urged her to make Wi-Fi a priority when she took office.
“In order to run their business, they need to be on their iPad or computers to sell their fish,” she said. “Any active commercial fisherman, I think, would be using it. All the fishermen I know are online.”
Making the case for expanding Internet connectivity, Brennan pointed out the service is already freely offered at other harbors around the Bay Area. That day could come soon when boat owners planning out a voyage decide to bypass Pillar Point simply because it doesn’t have a strong Internet connection, she said.