I'm Your Harbor Commissioner

Every morning I wake up and think about how I can add value to Harbor District operations for the voters of San Mateo County. 
With the support of County voters I was elected in 2012 by the biggest margin in history. I am here to advocate for the needs of the fishing and boating communities, for public safety, for fiscal responsibility, for transparency, and for environmental stewardship, and to promote active recreation, tourism, and economic prosperity for waterfront business communities.
Since 2010, I've led the effort to build a publicly responsible Harbor District, and although this effort may ruffle feathers it doesn't change the fact that it will also take us into the 21st Century.
Of course there is a difference between good governance and advocating for reform, but unless we as Commissioners govern in a creative, modern way that moves us away from the district's past practices, we’ll never solve the problems outlined in the LAFCo Municipal Service Review Draft Report that was published last Friday, the 2014 Civil Grand Jury Report, and the many other issues that continue to plague the district.
Our mission should emphasize active recreation and visitor education about the history and economic significance of the San Mateo County commercial seafood industry.
It's time the district focus on making measurable progress to improve Pillar Point Harbor by developing a dredging plan that prevents boats from running aground, reduce erosion by moving sand trapped inside the breakwater to Surfer’s Beach and the Princeton Shoreline, repair trail erosion near Pillar Point Marsh, build additional commercial lease space to generate revenue, renovate Johnson Pier, replace floating docks that pose a safety hazard, expand the sidewalk in front of tenant restaurants and businesses to meet ADA requirements, provide storage for kayaks and other human-powered vessels, improve Coastal Trail access, and continue to monitor water quality.
As a founding member of the district’s Finance Committee, I agree with the LAFCo recommendation to “engage an accounting firm to review our budget accounts for both operations and capital improvements, and establish a financial accounting system consistent with best practices for California public agencies…monitor inventory, to allocate costs and revenues according to enterprise vs. other public purposes, and to provide immediate access to current lease and tenant information.”
The to-do list is long and it will take time to correct decades of mismanagement. Please continue to support this independent special district, as we transition to a new permanent General Manager later this summer at our new Coastside headquarters in El Granada.
If you have suggestions or questions please don’t hesitate to phone me at 650-479-5654; your input is extremely valuable.

Thank you for your continued support!