Midcoast Community Council

It’s time to make the Harbor District a people-friendly place



The Harbor District operates two facilities, Oyster Point Marina in South San Francisco and Pillar Point Harbor in Princeton on the Coastside.



It's time the voice of the people influenced Harbor Commission decisions.



Sabrina's public service experience includes completing a term on the Midcoast Community Council, an elected advisory council to the Board of Supervisors; she currently serve as a Director of Midcoast Park Lands, founder of the Coastside Bicycle Coalition, and Midcoast Parks and Recreation Committee volunteer.



Sabrina's professional experience includes founding (1998) and running a digital printing and event graphics company located in San Francisco. Digital Fusion Media, Inc. recently produced graphics for the Birth of Impressionism exhibition at the de Young Museum and the 75th Anniversary Exhibition at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. In addition to exhibition graphics DFM also produces retail, tradeshow and event graphics. Sabrina's experience managing complex global projects, meeting budget requirements and managing a diverse group of people makes her an excellent choice for Harbor Commissioner.



Sabrina Brennan is running for Harbor Commissioner in 2012 because she wants to insure that decisions about public resources are made with the community's best interest at heart. It is time to restore the people's voice in local government.

The Harbor District needs to do more to help Pillar Point Harbor and Oyster Point Marina thrive. And in order to thrive, Sabrina believes it's especially important to improve visitor-serving facilities.

An increase in public traffic will help local restaurants and businesses build and strengthen their customer base. A ferry terminal at Oyster Point Marina is scheduled to open in 2012. Ferry service will transport commuters on weekdays and recreational users on weekends to Jack London Square in Oakland. Commuter and visitor traffic will provide economic growth opportunities. Future ferry terminal routes will include Redwood City and San Francisco. As Commissioner she will work with local business owners to broaden the economic base of the Harbor District.

Pillar Point Harbor should be known as a premier site for buying fresh local seafood. The commercial fishing industry is an important part of the local economy. She will put her marketing and event planning skills to work promoting Pillar Point Harbor as a great place to enjoy fresh seafood.

Sabrina will prioritize balancing the Harbor District's budget as soon as possible:
Investigate re-financing the outstanding debt at a lower interest rate, and potentially pay it off faster. 

  • Create profitable new revenue streams through public and private partnerships
  • Review and evaluate management salaries and Commission benefits
  • Review concession contracts and user fees
  • Aggressively pursue grants to fund visitor-serving recreational facilities including Coastal Trail and Bay Trail improvements

Sabrina supports waterfront recreational access. She supports developing the Coastal Trail through Pillar Point Harbor and improving the Bay Trail at Oyster Point Marina.

Sabrina will prioritize Harbor Patrol Search and Rescue services. This important service has saved numerous lives. In the event of a major earthquake Oyster Point Marina Ferry Service will help transport people who currently use either BART or Bay Area bridges.

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