Thank you!

Last Tuesday, I was elected to represent you on the county Democratic Party Central Committee. I'm deeply moved by the voters support.

California is leading the Country on environmental issues and I'm thrilled that elected representatives in San Mateo County are addressing climate change. Last month, I organized a Sea Level Rise & Erosion Forum.  Over 175 people including city, county, and state representatives packed the Douglas Beach House to the rafters!  We're fortunate to live an area with an engaged electorate and strong leadership.

If you follow KQED News & RadioCBS This MorningAssociated PressHalf Moon Bay ReviewSanta Cruz SentinelOutside Magazine, or if you received my campaign mailer then you may have read about my effort to include women professional big-wave surfers in the Mavericks Surf Contest. To date no women have been allowed to compete in the Mavericks contest. Hopefully that will change soon!

Concerns about gender inequality in professional surfing are near and dear to my heart; my wife Aimee Luthringer and I live on a bluff top in Moss Beach overlooking the Mavericks surf break. This month, a documentary premiered in San Francisco that included a segment about the work I'm doing to ensure that both men and women are allowed to compete at future Mavericks big-wave events.  

I grew up in Mobile, Alabama and I truly appreciate living in a place as progressive as the Bay Area. I'm committed to advocating for human rights, our environment, public transit, early childhood education, lowering college tuition, and ending pay-gap inequality.

This is a critical time for our County as we head into the presidential election. The Senate's inability to fill the empty seat on the US Supreme Court is a reminder of why it's so important to elect enlightened leaders and keep a Democrat in the White House. I'm honored that Democratic Party voters trust me to represent their values on the Central Committee.

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I'm honored to have an endorsement from the Coastside Democrats!

Sabrina Brennan Coastside Democrats

SMC Democratic Central Committee Member, District 3 DEM
Endorsement vote count:



Result: Only Sabrina Brennan (69.2%) and Kathryn Slater-Carter (66.6%) qualified for club endorsements. A candidate must receive a minimum of 60% of the votes to qualify for an endorsement from the Coastside Dems.

I am a committed lifelong Democrat.


I'm running to represent you on the San Mateo County Democratic Central Committee.

In addition to being a small business owner for nearly 20 years, I'm proud to be an advocate for commercial fishing families at Pillar Point Harbor and an effective voice for including women athletes in the Mavericks Surf Contest. 

I know what it takes to be a progressive champion and I’m passionate about our environment, public transit, equality, and social justice.

Last Tuesday, I held a sea level rise and erosion forum that included speakers from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the U.S. Geological Survey. Over 175 people attended the meeting including SMC Supervisor Don Horsley and other city, county, and state representatives.

I care deeply about both local issues and the future of our country.

At a time when democracy and equality are expanding, environmental degradation is putting our future at risk. Dependence on fossil fuels is warming the planet, causing ocean acidification, and threatening global ecosystems. The clock is ticking. Only a Democratic president will make climate change the highest priority.

With the Supreme Court in play, it’s even more important for us to work together to keep a Democrat in the White House.

I'm honored to have support from outstanding Democrats; please checkout my endorsements.

With your vote you can help bring strong leadership to the San Mateo County Democratic Party.

Please phone 650-479-5654 with any questions.

Thank you,

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