I’m passionate about our environment, public transit, equality, and social justice.

At a time when democracy and equality are expanding, environmental degradation is putting our future at risk. Dependence on fossil fuels is warming the planet, causing ocean acidification, and threatening global ecosystems. The clock is ticking. Only a Democratic president will make climate change the highest priority.

With the Supreme Court in play, it’s even more important for us to work together to keep a Democrat in the White House.

With your vote you can help bring strong leadership to the San Mateo County Democratic Party.
— Sabrina Brennan, For Democratic Central Committee
I consider Sabrina a bright light at a time when leadership and vision are so very much needed.
Si Se Puede!
— William Leo Leon, Pacifica Planning Commissioner (ret.)

Sabrina is an outstanding community leader with strong democratic values. Her advocacy for women athletes, support for commercial fishermen, and passion for environmental stewardship make her an excellent choice for the Democratic Central Committee.
— Jane Kim, Supervisor, San Francisco
Jane Kim Supervisor San Francisco

Sabrina is a dedicated and courageous public servant who has demonstrated true leadership. She is a tireless advocate for women athletes, and has a long-standing environmental record.

I proudly endorse her for the Democratic Central Committee; she is the right person for the right time.
— Richard Cline, Mayor of Menlo Park

As a fellow elected official on the San Mateo Coastside, I’ve been impressed time and again by Sabrina’s tireless, effective advocacy for those democratic values we hold most dear: transparent, inclusive, and accountable government, equal opportunity and due process before the law, and commitment to public service.

Please join me in supporting Sabrina for a seat on the Democratic Central Committee.
— Debbie Ruddock, Vice-Mayor of Half Moon Bay

Sabrina brought up a point that we have all been wondering about for a long time: why aren’t women included in big wave surfing events?

Sabrina is a great advocate for equality in sports. I’m excited for her future!
— Paige Alms, Professional Big Wave Surfer

Sabrina is a fierce advocate for women athletes. She supports equality and equal pay for men and women.

It’s time women have an opportunity to compete at Mavericks.
— Bianca Valenti, Professional Big Wave Surfer