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Half Moon Bay Review by Mark Noack

Brennan takes oath for harbor board

County Supervisor Dave Pine delivered Brennan’s oath of office at a ceremony Saturday afternoon at the Half Moon Bay Yacht Club, one day before fans flooded the area for the Mavericks Invitational Surf Contest.

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San Mateo Daily Journal - Editorial


For Brennan, maintaining water quality of both locations is key to its success and development at either site should be embarked upon with the environment and community access at the forefront. Brennan is quick with new ideas, and suggested a bike rental station at Pillar Point as a way to allow visitors quick access to more of what the coast has to offer while also providing revenue for the district. Her fiscal conservatism is refreshing from someone so focused on environmental stewardship.


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Half Moon Bay Review by Sara Hayden

Resident suggests new format for harbor elections

The Harbor District was billed $469,073.32 by the elections office for the November 2010 election. But $281,444 could have been saved had by-district elections been conducted, Brennan said, drawing on data from the county elections office.

Brennan said the issue will surface on the November 2012 ballot, when voters will have the opportunity to decide whether to continue to elect San Mateo County Board of Supervisors in an at-large election or vote to switch to by-district elections.

"It's costly for these agencies to not (switch),” she said, adding that the change is good for everyone involved. “It's good for democracy.”


Huff Post by Amanda Terkel

2012 for 2012: Progressives Launch Project To Recruit Local Candidates, Combat Conservative Dominance

I think we're seeing some new energy from younger people regarding democracy in general," said Brennan. "One example of that would be Occupy Wall Street. I think that what's happening right now is ... new people are getting more engaged. It's because we're having so many problems in our country right now, so people are feeling called to duty. They want to serve, and they want to figure out how to help their community. I think local issues and local government is the perfect place to do that. That's what got me interested."


Bay Area Reporter by Matthew S. Bajko

Lesbian seeks San Mateo harbor seat

I want to make it clear to people it is important the voice of the people influences the decisions the harbor district is making. The community has concerns about it," said Brennan, who lives one block from the ocean. "It hasn't been working as well as it could. Definitely, there is room for improvement there."

San Mateo County Times

San Jose Mercury News & San Mateo County Times by Aaron Kinney

Rural San Mateo County activists -- and others around Bay Area -- oppose development plans

It just doesn't make sense to put a priority development area in our community," said Midcoast community organizer Sabrina Brennan. "We don't have the jobs, infrastructure and transit to support it. We're a tourism area with farming and fishing."