Harbor District Meeting Feb 21, 2018

On Feb 21, 2018, San Mateo County Harbor Commissioner Tom Mattusch admitted that he sent Commissioner Brennan an email containing pornography: 21:18

The Harbor District's investigation report verified that Mattusch invited Brennan to camp in his tent for several weeks in Tanzania, Africa and the report verified that Mattusch emailed Brennan 8 pornographic photos.

The report includes email evidence regarding the safari trip and the pornography.

The Harbor Commission has taken no disciplinary action against Mattusch and Brennan continues to endure retaliation from Mattusch and Harbor District General Manager Steve McGrath.

Mattusch continues to deny a pattern of sexually predatory behavior at California Special District Association conferences.

Sept 20, 2017 Habor District Meeting

Item 5 — Cartel Sale of Assets to World Surf League: 10:31

Virginia Chang Kiraly was the only Harbor Commissioner who vocalized opposition to the assignment and transfer of Permit 2016-01 (Harbor District Special Use Permit) from Cartel Managment, Inc. (CMI) to the World Surf League (WSL). 

Virginia Chang Kiraly said, “My motion is to move that the Commission expressly does NOT confirm that it does not oppose the assignment and transfer of Permit 2016-01 (the Harbor District Permit) from Cartel Managment, Inc. to the World Surf League." Kiraly's motion died for a lack of a second. No other motion was made and the board did not take action on the agenda item. 2:20:31

For this reason the Board majority was not “expressly” opposed the Federal Bankruptcy Courts decision.

Quote from Jeff Clark's public comment: “We actually drank Cartel's Kool-Aid, we were there fighting for them to get this long-term permit so that we could have a sustainable contest only to have them work behind the scenes and remove our name from it and take it from us.“  1:30:42

March 15, 2017 Harbor District Meeting

Item C—Commissioner Comment, Tom Mattusch: Item C—Commissioner Comment, Tom Mattusch: 7:21

  • Commissioner Mattusch said, “Past micromanagement has cost this District and the taxpayer enormous sums...committees are setup for the staff's benefit not the board.”  
  • Commissioner Brennan said, “Committees and the Board serve the public.”

Item D—Consent Calendar: 10:46

  • Mattusch blocks two Commissioners from pulling items off the Consent Calendar

Item 19—Cartel Inc. Permit and Surf Contest: 13:13

Item 5—CASPIAN IT Agreement: 1:30:53