AUG 27  Harbor board denies problems cited in report: Response disagrees with most grand jury findings - HMB Review - Mark Noack

AUG 27  Harbor District defends itself: Board of Commissioners responds to civil grand jury report calling for dissolution - Daily Journal - Samantha Weigel

AUG 26  Improve our Harbor District - Daily Journal - Letter to the Editor by Nicole David

AUG 22  Harbor fuel dock inspected by state - Daily Journal - Samantha Weigel

AUG 21  Harbor District should restore access to west end - HMB Review - Letter to the Editor by Tom Monaghan

AUG 21  Harbor fuel dock to reopen following shutdown - HMB Review - Mark Noack

AUG 14  State’s economy threatened by rising sea levels: Assembly report issues dire warning - HMB Review - Clay Lambert

AUG 9  Embattled harbor district fires back at grand jury - San Jose Mercury News - Aaron Kinney

AUG 7  Harbor commissioners bicker over grand jury response - HMB Review - Clay Lambert

AUG 6  Ferry frustration mounts: Officials want South City passenger numbers to grow, higher fares could result otherwise - Daily Journal - Angela Swartz

AUG 4  Maritime bank drawing Harbor District concerns: Commissioner worried taxpayers fund its operations, general manager says no - Daily Journal - Samantha Weigel

JULY 2014

JULY 28  Letter: Conflicts of interest - Daily Journal - Letter by Harvey Rarback

JULY 25  Squid are here and fishermen moving fast: Pillar Point Harbor a flurry of activity until state quota reached - Daily Journal - Samantha Weigel

JULY 17  Grand jury blasts Harbor District: Scathing report scolds leaders’ dysfunction - Half Moon Bay Review - Mark Noack

JULY 17  Harbor plan has a long way to go to find credibility - HMB Review - Clay Lambert

JULY 10  Civil Grand Jury report slams Harbor District - Daily Journal - Samantha Weigel

JULY 10  Parravano takes helm of stormy district: Appointment spurs complaints from fishermen - HMB Review - Mark Noack

JULY 9  San Mateo County grand jury blasts 'embarrassing' harbor district, calls for dissolution - Mercury News - Aaron Kinney

July 2  We need to know more about bank operating at Harbor District - HMB Review - Editorial by Clay Lambert

JUNE 2014

JUNE 26  Old boys club on the Harbor Commission: No girls allowed - Daily Journal - Letter by Grace Mackertich

JUNE 18  Harbor signs new contract with divisive manager: Grenell receives contract extension - HMB Review - Mark Noack

JUNE 6  Harbor District dips into reserves: Budget reveals need to draw on $2M to cover expenses - Daily Journal - Samantha Weigel

JUNE 5  County releases Plan Princeton report on existing conditions - HMB Review - Julia Reis

JUNE 5  Local shores may inform tsunami timeline: Researchers study Pillar Point for clues - HMB Review - Mark Noack

JUNE 4  Harbor District stuck in South San Francisco - Daily Journal - Samantha Weigel 

JUNE 3  Mavericks surf contest acquired by management company - HMB Review - Clay Lambert

MAY 2014

MAY 29  Critics worry harbor could sink in red ink - HMB Review - Mark Noack

MAY 29  Harbor improvement grant lacks fishermen support: Frustration boiling over about Pillar Point Harbor control, district decision-making - Daily Journal - Samantha Weigel

MAY 29  Harbor bid for grant money spurs mutiny - Half Moon Bay Review - Mark Noack

MAY 29  Tearing down Romeo Pier ignores region’s history - HMB Review - Op-ed by Michael Koepf

Seven of 10 of California’s Most Polluted Beaches Are in Northern California - KQED Science - Shara Tonn

Bay Area beaches get high water quality marks: Pillar Point and Marina Lagoon receive failing grades, however - Daily Journal - Dennis Culver

Researchers hope to examine whale carcass adrift near Pillar Point - KTVU - John Fowler

Looking for an angle: Slow start to salmon season, fishermen hopeful - Daily Journal - Samantha Weigel

Sailboat runs ashore in accident - Half Moon Bay Review - Mark Noack

Civil Grand Jury recommends greater transparency - Daily Journal - Michelle Durand

Harbor District Should Reconsider - Half Moon Bay Patch - Nicole David

Romeo Pier might come down - Half Moon Bay Review - Mark Noack

Faulty buoy to be replaced - Half Moon Bay Review - Mark Noack

Divided board rejects site for fire station: Directors differ over El Granada site - HMB Review - Mark Noack

Commercial salmon fishermen at work in Half Moon Bay - Daily Journal - Samantha Weigel

APRIL 2014

Swim to Sea? These Salmon Are Catching a Lift - New York Times - Felicity Barringer

Safety at Pillar Point Harbor should come first - Daily Journal - Letter to the Editor by Nicole David

New harbor hoist raises an uproar: Fishermen warn location could choke traffic - HMB Review - Mark Noack

New fish hoist raises concerns at Pillar Point: San Mateo County Harbor District approves fish buyer’s request, fishermen don’t like it - Daily Journal - Samantha Weigel

Harbor officials inspect pier following sewage spill - HMB Review - Mark Noack

Want to buy fresh, local seafood? There’s an app for that! - HMB Review - Letter to the Editor by Nicole David

Commission brings back meeting video: District restores contract with PCT - HMB Review - Mark Noack

Sewer spill reported at Pillar Point - HMB Review - Clay Lambert

Harbor District plans to move offices back to coast - HMB Review - Clay Lambert

SMC Harbor District Commission moving headquarters back to coast - Daily Journal - Samantha Weigel

MARCH 2014

There is a battle to preserve our fishing heritage - Half Moon Bay Review - Op-Ed by Sabrina Brennan

SMC Harbor District seeks help: Commissioners looking to hire facilitator - Daily Journal - Samantha Weigel

Attorney to part ways with harbor: Law firm severs ties after 25 years - Half Moon Bay Review - Mark Noack

Preserving the fishing industry at the Harbor District - Daily Journal - Guest Perspective by Sabrina Brennan

Free Wi-Fi coming to harbor - Half Moon Bay Review by Mark Noack


Special district dysfunctions - Daily Journal, Editorial by John McDowell

San Mateo County’s coastal communities prepare for sea’s steady rise - Peninsula Press by Matt Hanse

Commissioner Brennan and the Harbor District - Daily Journal, Letter to the Editor

Pillar Point pollution final report identifies cattle, dogs, and wildlife as sources - Coastsider

RCD plans next step with harbor pollution: Study says dogs, cattle are culprits - HMB Review

Commissioner Brennan takes fishermen’s side - Daily Journal, Letter to the Editor

Harbor district bid to destroy records viewed with suspicion - Mercury News


Bill takes aim at health perks for part-time officials: Proposal would affect harbor district

Harbor faces backlash over shredding request: Critics say move thwarts transparency

Bay Area legislator proposes ending health benefits for former part-time politicians - Mercury News


New Year’s resolution No. 1: Finding common cause - Editorial

Former part-time pols in Bay Area reap medical benefits at taxpayer expense

Harbor officials explain suspicious credit card bills

Harbor board approves speaking limits: Contract changes made for senior employees

Harbor commission approves speaking limits - Letter to the Editor

Harbor Commission majority must be voted out - Letter to the Editor

Harbor board considers time limits: Proposal would limit commissioner comments to 5 minutes

San Mateo County most vulnerable in California to sea level rise

Panel warns of big risks from rising sea level: Peninsula faces top risks in state, experts warn


Digital divide evident at harbor meetings

Harbor plans sewer fixes following failure: Leaked emails discuss pipe breach

Dungeness crab season starts slowly because of high winds in Bay Area - Mercury News

Commercial crab season now open, new rules in place - Daily Journal

Faulty buoy is new risk for fishermen

No quick fix in sight for Surfer's Beach says Army Corps

Bay Area fishermen prepare for Dungeness crab season - Mercury News 

Crab grab: Overflowing crowd faces windy recreational opener

Rescuers get richly deserved honor for brave service


Harbor district details missing checks 

Harbor board seeks mediation

Harbor District committed to being a Clean Marina

EASY MONEY: Part-Time Government Workers in Special Districts Earning up to $1,100 an Hour - AllGov

Surfers lose fight to access Half Moon Bay beach

Judge rules against public access for Martin's Beach

$1,100 an hour? Part-time service at little agencies means big bucks and benefits for politicians - Mercury News

Amid complaints, harbor board votes to keep SSF office


Commission sinking into very harbor it governs  - Editorial

Harbor staff uncovers missing tenant checks

Harbor District’s decision adversely affects marathon - Letter to the Editor

Harbor to hold secret meeting tonight in South City, General Manager to get $4,000 raise

Lifeguard rescues man swept into cave

Harbor board at odds over manager: Grenell may get raise despite complaint

Repairs to tsunami sirens now complete

Harbor board signs $580,000 change order—Project approved to replace crooked docks

Harbor begins dredging boat ramps

Noisy meetings prompt harbor board to move

Plan Princeton offers workshop

Harbor Commission, the most secretive government body on the coast, to hold “public”meeting with no audio or video recordings


Harbor Commission Meeting Cartoon

What’s your vision for the future of Princeton?

Pillar Point Harbor Dredging and Shoreline Erosion meeting

Failure of weather buoy could endanger fishermen

Harbor board cancels video service

Harbor meetings may have to move

Editorial cartoon

Podcast would be harder to understand  - Letter to the Editor

Harbor commissioners would be wise to save video coverage - Editorial

Blasting colleague, harbor trustees tighten rules

Harbor Commission meeting dysfunction  - Letter to the Editor  

Something smells fishy  – Letter to the Editor  

Harbor commissioner in midst of Herculean task – Letter to the Editor  

Harbor commission cuts off colleague, tightens rules

JULY 2013

Fishmongers raise stink over fees

Squid bring black ink to harbor

Harbor officials discuss fish-buying fees

Public record costs draw scorn at harbor: Commissioner argues staff ignores queries

Fishing companies irate over lease renewals

Harbor team praised for ‘miraculous’ rescue

County kicks off ‘Princeton Plan’

Berkeley Professor Thanks Harbor Patrol for Saving His Life

Time to look at renourishing west shoreline trail

JUNE 2013

Half Moon Bay fishing company requests Grand Jury investigation of the Harbor District, alleges mismanagement of leases

Questions for the Harbor Commissioner Candidates

Unofficial Harbor District committee tackles complex issue of beach erosion at Princeton Harbor

Holsinger appointed to harbor board once more

San Mateo Attorney appointed to harbor board again

Harbor Commission Appoints Holsinger

Plenty of Salmon at Pillar Point Harbor

Sam’s Highway 1 project hits pothole

Harbor gets reduced dredging at Perched Beach

The problems of erosion are clear – solutions are not

Study finds hodgepodge of waste in harbor

Six rescued from sinking boat of Pillar Point

Six Rescued Off Sinking Boat in Pillar Point Harbor

Portable toilets coming to Surfer’s Beach

Authorities search for Princeton arson suspect

Mavericks wins permit for three years

WWDC 2013: Apple unveils OS X Mavericks, new MacBook Air, MacPro

Apple creates waves over new operating system name

MAY 2013

Three women–all Coastsiders–apply for seat on Harbor District board, two others apply, decision to be made this Wednesday

Harbor District pays commissioners far above what directors at other local governing bodies receive

Salmon season opens: Commercial fishermen anticipate plentiful catch bolstered by breeding efforts

Harbor board to appoint new member: Commissioners expect selection in June

Harbor Commission to appoint new member

Salmon season embarks with slow start, high prices

Coastside Mother’s Club Tour’s Pillar Point Harbor

County Parks moving moves in the right direction

Coastal Trail segments on horizon

MCC parks meeting much appreciated - Letter

Mobile App Hooks You Up With Fresh Fish in Half Moon Bay

APRIL 2013

Harbor commissioner sheds light on what happens behind closed doors

Harbor earns ‘Clean Marina’ designation

Harbor staff suggests appointing Padreddii replacement

Leo Padreddii Death Notice

Former South San Francisco Mayor Leo Padreddii Dead at Age 83

Pillar Point Harbor Certified ‘Clean’

Salmon restocked as anglers remain tied up

Veteran harbor commissioner Padreddii dies

Salmon are biting again in coastal waters

Economists weigh costs of erosion

Man and dog struck by vehicle at Surfer’s Beach

Salmon Season Opens in Half Moon Bay

MARCH 2013

Harbor drops firm slated for dredging project

Harbor commissioner out for health reasons

McDonald’s signals good news for sustainable fishing  

Struggling South San Francisco ferry service looks to expand to attract more customers

South San Francisco ferry loaded with subsidies

Ferry service fights that sinking feeling

Few are riding Oakland-South S.F. ferry

Local women seeks seat on regional boardCA Special District Association board

Harbor dredging hits the rocks  

Boaters fish for better harbor hookup

Crabs set free at Pillar Point  

Update: Search Suspended for Family Who Abandoned Sinking Sailboat


County Parks Receives Funds for the Surfer's Beach Access and Erosion Control Project

Bay Area Dog Owners To Stay On Shore


Beach lovers raise sand over dredging plan

Surfers rally to clean up flotsam

PPH Serves as Incident Command Post at Mavericks Contest

Mavericks Invitational Surf Contest On for Sunday

So where can you watch the mavericks surf contest?


Last year's Mavericks event should pave the way for a Coastside oceanfest

‘Water Trail’ could, should include views of mighty Pacific

The Price Half Moon Bay Pays for Losing Surfer's Beach to Erosion

Harbor pushes on with ramp dredging

Brennan takes oath for harbor board