I'm passionate about our environment, public transit, equality, and social justice.  


At a time when democracy, equality, and freedom are expanding, environmental degradation is putting our future at risk. Dependence on burning fossil fuels is warming the planet, causing ocean acidification, and threatening global ecosystems. The clock is ticking.

We must take decisive action and make climate change the highest priority.


Please join me for the Coastside Sea Rise Forum

Tuesday, May 24, 2016
Douglas Beach House
311 Mirada Rd. Miramar, CA 94019



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Through outreach, education and research, I support good waterfront planning, restoration and public access.


San Mateo County is beautiful, its cities and towns float on a shimmering bay and breathtaking ocean. Though our bay and ocean are rising, and our waters have been mistreated over the years, most people would pick the beach and waterfront over just about anything else. 

They are loyal to it. And they will fight for it.