Financial transparency coming soon to the Harbor District!


The Harbor District's smoke and mirrors approach to governance will soon be a thing of the past.  

At the July 14 Harbor Commission meeting the board unanimously approved a contract with OpenGov to provide best-in-class financial transparency. The online platform will improve the District's financial operations and reduce the amount of staff time spent on public records requests, by making the District's budgets and annual audits accessible online to everyone. With just a few clicks, citizens and staff will have easy access to the District's financial information. This will allow Commissioners to spot budget trends and make data-driven decisions. And most importantly the increased transparency will help build trust.

The City of Atherton was the first public agency in San Mateo County to adopt the OpenGov platform. Please checkout case studies from a few of the 350 other public agencies already using OpenGov. 

This is one of many needed improvements the board will continue to roll out this year.  

Thank you,

Sabrina Brennan Open Gov