Oct 7, 2015 Harbor District Meeting

Item 4—Fish Buyer Leases. Discussion and Possible Action reflecting the September 15 Workshop with Fish Buyers and Other Stakeholders

Proposed Action: The Commission may take action to authorize amending leases to revise the fee structure. (BOARD VOTED TO REDUCE FISH FEES —Aug. 5, 2015, Item 13 — Fish Buying Fees: 1:6:50)

  • Mattusch: "Motion to move to another date."
  • Vote: 4-0 — 59:50

Item 5—Appointment of General Manager: 1:00:16

  • Reconsider Resolution 45-15 authorizing the board president to sign an employment agreement with Steven McGrath.
  • Item 5 public comment: 1:13:53

Item 6—City of South San Francisco Oyster Point Marina JPA Study Session: 1:40:17

  • The City of South San Francisco study session was held on Sept. 16, 2015 during a regular harbor commission meeting. Harbor commissioners and district staff were unable to attend the study session due to the scheduling conflict.

Item 15 b—Nicole David resigns from the Harbor Commission: 2:49:06