August 5, 2015 Harbor District Meeting

Part One

Item 4—Cartel Application for 5 Year Extention Permit for Big Wave Contest Event through March 2021

  • Here's how the five-season permit for the Mavericks Surf Competition was approved by the Harbor Commission:  54:13
  • Robert Bernardo gives a speech strongly advocating that Cartel receive a five year multi-season permit: 1:11:55
  • Motion by Parravano, second by Bernardo to approve the Cartel application for five year multi-season permit for Big Wave contest event through March 2021. Motion passed on a 3-1-1 vote. 

Part Two

 Item 13 — Fish Buying Fees: 1:6:50

  • Commission Brennan made the following two motions and they were approved unanimously in a 4-0 vote.
    • Moved that we direct staff to work with the Fish Buyers to amend all three lease agreements to reduce the wet fish off-loading fee from $10.00 per ton to $3.00 per ton, as recommended in the Dornbush Report.
    • Moved that we direct staff to meet with stakeholders to devise an enforceable retail fish sales assessment, that includes all retail fish sales, and provides the District with a needed revenue stream.  

*Flexibility was included in the motions to allow staff and stakeholders an opportunity to develop creative solutions that will provide the District with needed revenue, and address concerns about facilities damage caused by commercial activity wear and tear.