Midcoast Local Coastal Program Policies

The Midcoast Local Coastal Program (LCP) requires a CDP for “development” as defined in Policy 1.1 which says (in relevant part): "As stated in Section 30106 of the Coastal Act, define development to mean:

"On land, in or under water, the placement or erection of any solid material or structure….construction, reconstruction, demolition, or alteration of the size of any structure, including any facility of any private, public, or municipal utility….” and “As used in this section, “structure” includes, but is not limited to, any buildings, road, pipe, flume, conduit, siphon, aqueduct, telephone line, and electrical power transmission and distribution line.”

Public Works Component Policy 2.1 Development Review of Public Works:  

"After certification of the LCP, a Coastal Development Permit is required from any public utility, government agency or special district wishing to undertake any development in the Coastal Zone, with the exceptions of State Universities and colleges and development on public trust lands or tidelands as described in Section 30519(b) of the California Coastal Act.”

Public Works Component Policy 2.1  Definition of Public Works:  

Define public works as:  

c.  “All public financed recreational facilities and any development by a special district."

Commercial Fishing/Recreational Boating Component Policy 12.5 Role of the San Mateo County Harbor District:

a.  Encourage the Harbor District to investigate the needs of commercial fishing and recreational boating on an equal basis, and to accommodate those needs accordingly.

b.  Require the District to submit to the County annually a list of proposed development plans recommended for planning or construction during the ensuing fiscal year in accordance with Section 65401 of the Government Code and Policy 2.6 of the Public Works Component.  Evaluate projects within County jurisdiction for consistency with the development plan approved as Coastal Permit 133-76.*

c.  Encourage the Harbormaster to set minimum use requirements for buying stations leased from the Harbor District.

*Coastal Permit 133-76 is a very old permit issued in 1976 by the Coastal Commission, and I don’t know what it says. I'm looking forward to reading it soon.