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The 2015/2016 big wave surf season was packed with historic milestones for women athletes. 

Keala Kennelly won the Pure Scot Barrel of the Year Award at the 2016 Big Wave Awards. Ms. Kennelly's groundbreaking performance pitted her athletic skill against the top men in the world.

Andrea Moller also won best Women's Performance of the Year. It was a great night for women’s competitive big wave surfing.

The 16th annual awards gala was held at the The Grove Theater in Anaheim. The event celebrated the greatest rides of the past year and honored the big wave community.


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JANUARY 31, 2017

NBC Bay Area - Robert Handa

Mavericks Surf Contest Organizers File For Bankruptcy

JANUARY 18, 2017

Stab Magizine - Jake Howard

Stormy, With A Chance Of Lawsuit!


San Francisco Chronicle - Bruce Jenkins, Sports Columnist

Big-wave breakthrough: Female surfer leads Mavericks revolution


San Francisco Chronicle - Bruce Jenkins, Sports Columnist

First wave: The women chosen to surf Mavericks


San Francisco Chronicle - Bruce Jenkins, Sports Columnist

How ‘Outer Bar Babes’ are transforming big-wave surfing


San Francisco Chronicle - Bruce Jenkins, Sports Columnist

Tales of courage among female big-wave surfers

DECEMBER 15, 2016

Peninsula Press - Jane Nevins, Stanford Journalism Program

Women to make history surfing big-wave contest, but struggles for equality remain

“For women to have the same opportunities, to be a big-wave surfer and make a living at it, you have to have the opportunities to compete in contests, to have your photo taken to get sponsors,” said Jennifer Savage, policy director for the environmental activist network Surfrider.

Sarah Gerhardt watched friends struggling to make a living surfing without sponsors because they didn’t have a certain look. So, Gerhardt decided not to surf professionally, and instead, focused on her teaching career. She is a tenured professor and chair of the chemistry department at Monterey Peninsula College.

Women will have the opportunity to compete this year largely because of one woman’s crusade. Sabrina Brennan, the San Mateo County Harbor Commissioner, fought for a separate women’s heat at Mavericks.

Video Produced by Jane Nevins, interview on Nov. 30, 2016

DECEMBER 8, 2016

Boston Globe - Shira Springer

9 women’s sports stories from 2016 worth another look

The 2016-17 event will include a one-hour heat for six female surfers with $30,000 in prize money at stake. That’s a big breakthrough. Almost as big as the three- and four-story waves you’ll find at Mavericks. And it happened because female surfers lobbied the California Coastal Commission, which made female inclusion a condition of its permit. Clearly, you shouldn’t mess with fearless women who surf the biggest waves.

DECEMBER 1, 2016

The Inertia - Kendra A. Gardner

Why Women Are Striving (and Charging) for Equality in More Ways than One

DECEMBER 1, 2016

Adventure Sports - Haven Livingston

Big Wave Women—Female talent in the spotlight at Pe‘ahi Challenge and Titans of Mavericks

NOVEMBER 28, 2016

The Inertia - Janice Greenwood

Opinion: Women May Be Actually Out-Competing Men at Jaws

NOVEMBER 23, 2016

NPR Morning Edition - Staff

Women Take On Big-Wave Surfing, Once The Domain Of Men, At Mavericks

NOVEMBER 19, 2016

Santa Cruz Sentinel - Haven Livingston, Just Add Water

Work has just begun for female big wave surfers

The Pe’ahi event made women’s history, as recognized by media outlets across the globe, and female athletes got a taste of what big wave contests could be in the future.

“The Jaws event was a good example to see how well it went,” said Moller, a professional waterwoman. 

Moller didn’t qualify past the semifinal at Pe’ahi, but appreciated the chance to move on. She said a single-heat contest like Titans isn’t really a contest.

“It’s more exciting and makes an emotional connection for the viewers if they get to see someone carry on to the finals,” she said. “The Mavericks contest may want to think about creating that emotion too.”

NOVEMBER 13, 2016

ESPN W -  Alyssa Roenigk

What's it like to surf Maui's big-wave break Jaws in an all-women contest?

Keala Kennelly: Paige did such an amazing job and sent it. She went out there and earned her victory and carried it for the women. But Paige is a true sportswoman and she was bummed I wasn't in the final. We love and respect each other, and Paige definitely wants me out there. But she is so deserving. Paige let people know that we deserve to be there.

NOVEMBER 11, 2016

Surfer - Justin Housman

Surfer, Save Thyself

On Tuesday Cori Schumacher, three-time women’s longboard world champ and vocal surf community gadfly/activist, won a seat on the Carlsbad City Council, a coastal town in North San Diego County. Carlsbad is a politically conservative ‘burb, and Schumacher, an outspoken LBGT activist, was a surprise victor, buoyed in part by her prominent role in opposing Measure A, a plan to develop a chunk of Carlsbad’s coastal zone. I called her after election day to find out why she’d run, what she hoped to accomplish, and to ask what surfers can do when confronted with uncomfortable political realities.

NOVEMBER 11, 2016

The Associated Press

Women break glass ceiling in surf competition

“It’s the least we can do to speak to the election the other day,” Valenti told The Associated Press in a phone interview before the competition, referring to Hillary Clinton’s defeat by President-elect Donald Trump.

“I watched Hillary’s concession speech and what she was saying - how important it was for women to really stand up now more than ever to break the glass ceiling - and that really resonated a lot,” Valenti added.

“This is really about paving the way for the future generations and creating opportunities for them,” Valenti said. “Just the importance of using our voice all the time and speaking up for what we want.”

NOVEMBER 11, 2016

The Inertia - Jennifer Savage, California Policy Manager, Surfrider Foundation

Heal Your Election Woes By Embracing Women, Diversity, and the Environment

The thing about being an activist, is the “active” part – sooner or later despair propels you to action.

NOVEMBER 6, 2016

NPR Weekend Edition Sunday - Lauren Frayer

Gaza's Surfer Girl Hangs Up Her Board — And Not By Choice

"Once I paddle out past the breakers — I forget my troubles," says Ali Erheem, 25, a member of an informal group that calls themselves the Gaza Surf Club. "It's pure happiness."

"I wish I could go back to being a child," she says. "That's when I felt most free — surfing."

She says doesn't want to grow up. She dreams of teaching other girls to surf. But she acknowledges that's probably impossible, since she'll soon be a wife, moving into her mother-in-law's house — still in Gaza, but inland.

NOVEMBER 5, 2016

Los Angeles Times - Dan Weikel

Let women compete, Coastal Commission orders famous surf contest at Mavericks

“This is a great step forward for our sport, women’s athletics and women. You know, it’s about human rights,” said Bianca Valenti, a top female big-wave rider and co-founder of the Committee for Equity in Women’s Surfing.

Supporters who lobbied the commission to add women included representatives from the Surfrider Foundation, the Committee for Equity in Women’s Surfing, the Coastal Protection Network, the Brown Girl Surf organization and San Mateo County Harbor Commissioner Sabrina Brennan.

NOVEMBER 3, 2016

Beach Grit - Rory Parker

Titans of Mavericks Female Blunder—Cartel drags feet, pays price... 

‘Well, you know, they need to pump more iron.’ That’s from Jeff Clark. ‘The girls aren’t good enough yet.’

NOVEMBER 2, 2016

San Francisco Chronicle - Bruce Jenkins

Mavericks permit extended 1 year, women added to contest

Bianca Valenti had no issue with the six women selected; they are all friends. But she suspected that as the organizer of the Committee for Equity in Women’s Surfing, a women’s group that often has clashed with Cartel personnel, politics may have been involved.

“Someone had to take one for the team,” said Valenti, managing a smile, as the hearing concluded. “It’s a blatant diss. It’s Cartel; I think they’re intimidated by a group that looks out for women athletes.

NOVEMBER 2, 2016

Half Moon Bay Review - Clay Lambert

Does public benefit from longer Mavericks contract?

Ask yourselves: How does the public benefit from granting one organization four more years of exclusive rights to make money off of a California jewel?

NOVEMBER 1, 2016

The Inertia - Jennifer Savage, California Policy Manager, Surfrider Foundation

CA Coastal Commission Wed. Meeting Could Shape Future of Titans of Mavs

The move toward more inclusivity heartens us, but one heat, begrudgingly given, does not a gender gap close. The Committee for Equity in Women’s Surfing calls for more, now. And in line with our dedication to access for all, Surfrider Foundation supports this proposal.

OCTOBER 30, 2016

San Francisco Examiner - Brendan Bartholomew

Mavericks surf contest adds women’s division

While the Coastal Commission generally addresses land use and environmental issues, spokesperson Noaki Schwartz said it is not unprecedented for her agency to require equal access to facilities and events.

“The [California] Coastal Act mandates that the commission maximize public access,” Schwartz said. “So the inclusion of women at an invitation-only surf competition on public land certainly helps fulfill that mandate.”

Brennan has criticized Cartel for not moving more quickly, and believes the event should include multiple women’s heats. A woman should also join the five-person selection committee that decides which athletes are invited to the prestigious competition, she said.

But Cartel spokesperson Brian Waters said award-winning surfer Sarah Gerhardt had previously been offered a spot on the Titans of Mavericks selection committee, but had declined due to other obligations.

“We’re not fighting here; there’s no pushing back,” Waters said, though he added that adding multiple women’s heats might not be feasible.

Each Titans of Mavericks competition depends on the presence of big, challenging waves. Organizers have a window from Nov. 1 through the end of March to look at wave and weather conditions and select a date for the event, Waters explained.

On that chosen day, there are only so many hours and waves available, Waters said.

“It is impossible to put three more heats in a day,” Waters said. “Within an hour, you might get eight to 10 contestable waves.”

The lack of equal representation in events like Titans of Mavericks has taken an economic toll, Brennan said, because being deprived of the spotlight means even the best female surfers struggle to obtain prize money and endorsement deals.

OCTOBER 28, 2016

New York Times - John Clarke

For First Time in 17 Years, Women Will Compete in Top Big-Wave Surfing Contest

Sabrina Brennan, who heads the San Mateo County Harbor Commission, which manages the Mavericks surf area, helped in the fight to include women — which at times grew tense.

“Organizers would show up at meetings with their attorneys and just stare at you with a menacing look,” said Brennan, who is also a member of the Committee for Equity in Women’s Surfing. “It was intimidating.”

She also said some event organizers had told several female surfers to get their own Mavericks event.

Still, Brennan said she was pleased with the outcome.

“It’s about time,” she said. “It feels like it shouldn’t have taken this long. And I wonder why it’s taken so long. It’s exciting and thrilling. But we’re not there yet. Women athletes have to keep asking for what they want.”

OCTOBER 28, 2016

New York Times - Mike McPhate

Female Surfers Tear Down a Big Wave Barrier

Ultimately, it took the state to force the change at Titans of Mavericks, which was known in its early years as the “Men Who Ride Mountains” contest.

The decision by Cartel Management, the company that owns the tournament, followed a campaign over the last year by a small group of female surfers along with Sabrina Brennan, a San Mateo County harbor commissioner.

Organized under the banner “Committee for Equity in Women’s Surfing,” the surfers pressured California’s Coastal Commission into demanding that Mavericks add a women’s heat or risk losing its permit to hold the event.

The campaign worked.

OCTOBER 28, 2016

Huffington Post - Carla Herreria

Female Surfers Tear Down a Big Wave Barrier

Ultimately, it took the state to force the change at Titans of Mavericks, which was known in its early years as the “Men Who Ride Mountains” contest.

The decision by Cartel Management, the company that owns the tournament, followed a campaign over the last year by a small group of female surfers along with Sabrina Brennan, a San Mateo County harbor commissioner.

Organized under the banner “Committee for Equity in Women’s Surfing,” the surfers pressured California’s Coastal Commission into demanding that Mavericks add a women’s heat or risk losing its permit to hold the event.

The campaign worked. 

OCTOBER 23, 2016

Deadspin - Lindsey Adler

Mavericks Surf Contest Begrudgingly Allows Women To Compete

For the first time in its history, one of the most prestigious surf contests in the country will include a women’s heat in its 2016-17 competition. But the addition to the Titans of Mavericks competition wasn’t done solely because Mavericks organizers felt like it. It was required by the California Coastal Commission as a condition of the competition receiving a renewed permit—and that happened because of lobbying to the commission by female surfers.

OCTOBER 22, 2016

Santa Cruz Sentinel - Julie Jag

Titans of Mavericks had to add women’s heat to clear barrier to permit

A California Coastal Commission report released Friday afternoon said its staff recommendation would have been to deny contest organizer Cartel Management its permit if Cartel did not include a women’s heat in its plans for the 2016-17 contest.

Within its request to the CCC, Cartel laid out its plans for the contest, which included no women’s heat until the 2017-18 season.

On Wednesday, Cartel announced it would hold a one-hour, six-woman contest with a $30,000 prize purse within the main event this season. 

“It’s quite simply the right time,” Cartel CEO Brian Waters said Wednesday. “There was no compelling driver other than it was the time to do it.”

OCTOBER 21, 2016

KQED - Kelly O'Mara

Mavericks Surfing Contest Will Include Women for First Time

“There was no hint that anything like this was brewing,” said Sabrina Brennan, who serves on the San Mateo Harbor Commission and who first brought the issue to the attention of the Coastal Commission.

“I wasn’t expecting this,” Valenti told Surfer Mag. “But I think it’s awesome. I’m just excited to see the women’s side of the sport strengthen. It felt weird always asking for them to let us women in. So it feels great knowing they know want us to be apart of this rad big-wave community.”

Sabrina Brennan said some of the event’s organizers would like to hold a roundtable discussion with the women and are considering the possibility of a two-day format, weather permitting.

She also said there are still some issues to be worked out.

“I’d like to see something in writing,” she said. So far the news has only been mentioned on social media.

The female surfers have also requested a woman sit on the selection committee.

OCTOBER 21, 2016

NBC Bay Area - Rebecca Greenway & Christie Smith

Mavericks Will Include Women Surfers for First Time in History

Harbor Commissioner Sabrina Brennan has made the issue of women's inclusion in the sporting competition one of the major issues in her reelection and says she has been an advocate for change throughout her term.

OCTOBER 21, 2016

SFGate - Kristin Hanes

Women to ride big waves in 'Titans of Mavericks' competition for the first time

Big wave surfer Bianca Valentino, who helped found a group called, "Committee for Equity in Woman's Surfing" said she's thrilled.

"I was really pleasantly surprised. I wasn't expecting it, so I'm really happy to see progress," she said. "We're celebrating that things are starting to happen, with this, with the election. It's bringing attention to important issues like opportunity and equity for women in America and in the world."

Sabrina Brennan, a San Mateo County Harbor District Commissioner, has been fighting for female inclusion in the competition. She's cautiously optimistic.

"It's great they want to include women, but the women asked for a multi-heat event, which is what the men have. They should have a multi-heat event, and the same amount of prize money. Those issues haven't been addressed in this one-hour heat, but maybe it's a good starting point."

OCTOBER 21, 2016

Santa Cruz Sentinel - Brooke Wright

Titans of Mavericks looking forward to big waves, women’s heat

“I’m excited to see the community grow,” said Bianca Valenti, a big wave surfer from San Francisco who showed up for the paddle out. “The guys have always been supportive in the water, so it’s nice to see them supporting us on the competitive side, too.”

“It’s incredible that there’s a women’s heat, but it’s a little bittersweet because my sister [Savannah] is my surfing partner and she got a big injury last year,” Pat Shaughnessy said. “I’m really excited for the girls, I just wish my sister was in it.”

OCTOBER 20, 2016

Stab Mag - Jake Howard

For the Titans Of Mavericks to Run the Women Have to be Included

“I’d like to see if I can make an amending motion to add a specific condition that we ask the applicant to provide a plan for encouraging equal opportunity for women surfers in future events,” continued Mark Vargas.

His motion, inspired largely by the diligent work of San Mateo County Harbor Commissioner Sabrina Brennan, passed with a 7-4 vote. Now it’s time to turn the vote into action.

OCTOBER 20, 2016

San Mateo Daily Journal - Samantha Weigel

Six women to compete for own Mavericks title: Big wave surf competition to host first women’s division

Coastside resident and activist Sabrina Brennan, a local harbor commissioner who’s advocated for women’s inclusion and is working with the Committee for Equity in Women’s Surfing, said she’s thrilled to see this first step.

“This is just really fantastic news and nice that it’s happening the same year that we are hopefully going to be electing our first woman president. I think it’s a really important year for women and I’m glad to see their recognition and they’re making a significant step forward toward the inclusion of women and I hope that grows,” Brennan said.

Brennan noted many of the group’s requests — such as having women involved in the selection process, providing more than just a one-heat women’s division and an equal purse prize — still stand.

“My hope is that the event evolves,” Brennan said. “There needs to be real equity.”

OCTOBER 20, 2016

The Mercury News - Julie Jag

Women to surf at Titans of Mavericks

“I’m pretty excited about what’s going on, especially since Friday I was pretty pissed off,” said Sabrina Brennan, who has been a driving force for the inclusion of women in the competition.

Brennan, a San Mateo County Harbor District Commissioner, made her initial push for inclusion when she appeared before the California Coastal Commission during its local meeting in 2015. She asked the CCC to make including women in the contest a requirement for obtaining the commission’s permit. The commission voted to adopt the requirement for future permits. 

Brennan said Wednesday’s announcement is good news. Still, she noted that the Committee for Equity in Women’s Surfing — the group founded by pro surfers Bianca Valenti, Keala Kennelly, Paige Alms and Andrea Moller — will continue to push for equal treatment.

“It is great news. I’m very excited about it,” Brennan said. “I think having the dialogue is very important.”

“Whoever holds the permit needs to run a professional event,” she added, “and that means including equity for women.”

OCTOBER 19, 2016

Surfer - Ashtyn Douglas

Women's Heat to be Held at Titans of Mavericks

“To me, this is a lesson showing that if you want something, you’ve got to speak up,” says Bianca Valenti.

Keala Kennelly, who’s been on the big-wave scene for over about a decade, is equally excited about the new inclusion. “I’m stoked,” says Kennelly. “I think this is a big win for women’s surfing, women’s sports, and women in general. WSL came to the party last year when they announced a Women’s Big Wave World Tour Championships for 2017 at Jaws or Todos. La Vaca Gigante by Oakley [a big-wave event in Spain] announced they will have a women’s heat with equal prize money to the men. The Titans are a little late to the party, but I say better late than never!”

OCTOBER 19, 2016

Half Moon Bay Review - Staff 

Mavericks organizers agree to include women this year—Plans are sketchy, suggest 6 women in single heat

Details of the decision are sketchy. As of 1 p.m. Wednesday, the only written notice that there would be women in the 2016-17 event came in the way of social media postings that read, “Six women. One hour. $30,000 on the line. 2016-2017 women’s heat.” Cartel Chief Operating Officer Brian Waters confirmed that women would participate in this season’s contest but declined to provide any details.

OCTOBER 19, 2016

Half Moon Bay Review - Carina Woudenberg

Half Moon Bay resident files lawsuit against Cartel

OCTOBER 19, 2016

Half Moon Bay Review - Carina Woudenberg

Mavericks plans women’s heat in 2017-18

Bianca Valenti said she saw the move to add a women's heat as a step in the right direction.

“I think that it's positive, obviously. I don't see any reson why they shouldn't do it this year, ” said Valenti.

Sabrina Brennan described the proposal as “half-baked” and expressed concern that if not enough women met the criteria, there wouldn’t be a women’s heat.

OCTOBER 17, 2016

Stab Mag - Jake Howard

The Operators Of The Titans Of Mavericks Are Being Sued For Cyber Bullying

OCTOBER 17, 2016

The Inertia - Chase Scheinbaum

Scandal-Plagued Organizers of Titans of Mavericks Sued for Defamation by Community Activist

OCTOBER 16, 2016

The Inertia - Alexander Haro

Titans of Mavericks Event Submits Plans to Hold Women’s Heats

OCTOBER 15, 2016

Santa Cruz Sentinel - Staff Writer

Big Wave Surfing: Cartel submits plans for women’s heat in 2017-18

October 11, 2016

Santa Cruz Sentinel - Julie Jag

Big wave surfing: Titans of Mavericks may be required to hold women’s heats

October 4, 2016

The Inertia - Chase Scheinbaum

World’s Top Female Surfers Infuriated by Titans of Mavericks Invite List

SEPTEMBER 29, 2016

The Inertia - Chase Scheinbaum

Female Big Wave Surfers Fight for their Own Division in Titans of Mavericks

SEPTEMBER 28, 2016

Half Moon Bay Review - Carina Woudenberg

Women surfers submit request to ride Mavericks

September 21, 2016

Surfer Magazine - Ashtyn Douglas

Double Life

On land, Paige Alms may seem like an average 28-year-old, juggling jobs to make ends meet. But in the water, she’s anything but ordinary.

AUGUST 4, 2016

Surfline - photos: Sachi Cunningham & words: Justin Housman

Women Who Ride Mountains

Through grit, determination, and smiles, these women have carved out a respected place in the city’s surf hierarchy, surely one of the country’s most demanding. 

August 3, 2016

Surfline - Pablo Zanocchi

It's Official: Surfing Will Be in the Olympics

Wednesday, August 3rd, the International Olympic Committee voted in favor of including surfing in the Tokyo Games. So in 2020, 20 men and 20 women surfers will compete for an Olympic gold medal.

JULY 25, 2016

Surfline - Kurt Steinmetz

Coco Ho Wins Paul Mitchell Supergirl Pro

My wife Aimee Luthringer says that this article is the first of its kind on Surfline. It features women, not just one woman, which they have done, but this article covers a whole women's league. The guys get this kind of coverage often. An overview of the women's league is not normally presented on Surfline. 

Aimee spends a significant amount of time on the Surfline website when she's not in the water...

JUNE 14, 2016

KQED Arts -  Rachael Myrow

‘The Wave I Ride’ Seeks Gender Equality for Women Big Wave Riders

June 2, 2016

It Ain't Pretty - Documentary Film, Directed by Dayla Soul

“Why is the media still so fixated on sexualization of female surfers?  It Ain't Pretty attempts to shatter stereotypes by painting a new athletic portrait for the generations of surfer girls to come.”  —Shannon Reporting

“My wife Aimee Luthringer and my mom Lee Fernandez are very excited that my advocacy work to include women athletes in the Mavericks Surf Contest is included in Dayla Soul's documentary. The film is about the bravery and athleticism of women surfers. Can't wait to see the premier of It Ain't Pretty on Thursday, June 2, 2016 at DocFest.”  —Sabrina Brennan


MAY 11, 2016

SFDocFest - Dayla Soul

Premier of IT AIN’T PRETTY—screening at the Historic Great Star Theater

MAY 11, 2016

HuffPost - Carla Herreria

These Women Want To Be Known As Surfers, Not Sex Symbols

May 6, 2016

Magic Seaweed - Jason Lock

Women's Big Wave Event Could Benefit Entire Surf Industry

April 28, 2016

The Inertia - Beth O'Rourke

Women’s Big Wave Surfing and the 2016 XXL Awards: Exploring How Far We’ve Come?

April 15, 2016

Surfer - Ashtyn Douglas

WSL Adds Women's Event to Big Wave Tour

APRIL 15, 2016

Big Wave Tour Adds Women's and Qualifying Events

WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP—$30,000 prize purse; Contested by athletes picked by the commissioner's office
Window: October 15, 2016 - February 28, 2017
Events: Pe'ahi, Todos Santos

APRIL 15, 2016

ABC - Michael Atkin and Andy Burns

Female pro surfers want industry to get on board regarding sexism concerns

March 28, 2016

The Inertia - Paige Alms

Paige Alms Believes Female Big Wave Surfers Deserve Their Own Venues

“The whole drama over the Titans of Mavericks contest is just outrageous. They (the organizers) are still trying to say women are not as good as the men, trying to fight the issue rather than help make a solution…when in fact they are missing the whole point.”
“We are not asking to be included with the men; We want to have our own heat!”

—Paige Alms

March 23, 2016

The Inertia - Juan Hernandez

2016 XXL Awards Nominees Announced: Keala Kennelly Makes Surfing History

March 14, 2016

LA Times - Caitlin Yoshiko Kandil

Female surfers make waves despite barriers

MARCH 10, 2016

The Inertia - Alexandria Bordas

Big-Wave Surfing Is Bigger Than Ever; Where Are the Women?

Feb 28, 2016

The surfer not considered hot enough for sponsorship - BBC News, Editor & Director: Owain Rich, Camera: Chris West

FEB 19, 2016

WSL News - Anna Dimond

Andrea Moller: Let's Join the Big-Wave Party

FEB 16, 2016

Huffington Post - J.D. Kleinke

Not Yet, Surfragette: Women Athletes Still Sidelined At Big-Wave Competition

Feb 12, 2016

Outside Magazine - Op-Ed: Sachi Cunningham

Let Women Compete in Big-Wave Surf Competitions

Feb 12, 2016

CBS This Morning - Hosts: Charlie Rose, Gayle King and Norah O'Donnell

Wave of sexisim hit Titians of Mavericks surfing competition

Feb 10, 2016

KQED News - Kelly O’Mara (also published in the San Francisco Chronicle)

Mavericks Could Be Required to Include Women Surfers Next Year

Feb 10, 2016

ABC 7 News - Cornell Barnard

Women hope to be invited to Mavericks Surf competition

Feb 8, 2016

Adventure Sports Journal - Haven Livingston

Athlete Profile: Big Wave Bianca

Feb 3, 2016

My Journal - Sabrina Brennan

Hey guys, Mavericks needs women

JAN 27, 2016

Half Moon Bay Review — Op-Ed by Sabrina Brennan

Mavericks needs women

Dec 22, 2015

Surfer - Justin Housman

Mavericks Contest Could Require Women Surfers

Dec 19, 2015

Santa Cruz Sentinel - Haven Livingston

Just Add Water: Women seek equal footing at Mavericks

Dec 11, 2015

Forum KQED radio - host Mina Kim

Mavericks Faces Pressure for Women to Surf Big-Wave Contest

Dec 5, 2015

Associated Press - Kristin J. Bender - (Washington Post & numerous other newspapers)

Women want spot in big wave surf competition in California

Nov 16, 2015

Inertia - Beth O'Rourke

How Women Will Evolve Big Wave Surfing

Nov 11, 2015

Half Moon Bay Review - Clay Lambert

Add women to Mavericks lineup and be on right side of history

Nov 8, 2015

My Journal: notes from the Nov 2015 Coastal Commission hearing - Sabrina Brennan

Women to compete at Mavericks!

Nov 6, 2015

Santa Cruz Sentinel - Haven Livingston

Women to get fair shake at Mavericks

Nov 5, 2015

Half Moon Bay Review - Carina Woudenberg

Mavericks organizers get crucial last permit

Oct 14, 2015

The Guardian - Will Coldwell

Ripple effect: How Paige Alms is taking female big-wave surfing to new heights

Oct 29, 2015

Huck - Alexia Stamatelatou

Big wave icon Paige Alms is pushing for surfing to take women seriously

January 28, 2015

The Wave I Ride - Documentary Film, Directed by Devyn Bisson

“As the director of The Wave I Ride, I wish nothing more than for this film to inspire you to vigorously chase the wave your heart needs to ride. The world needs your voice, the world needs your story, and the world needs you to go after it! It’s going to be a bloody mess with no guarantee of protection, but I promise this mess is ours to own as beautiful, vulnerable, and courageous.”

—Devyn Bisson, Director

JULY 30, 2014

Teton - Dylan Silver

Big-Wave Surfer Bianca Valenti - High Fives